Sanitrum Biotechnology Inc., is a biotechnology company established for researching Turkey’s herbal resources with scientific methods to make R&D activites, to offer innovative and differentiating products with high added value for markets such as cosmetic and pharmaceutical, Sanitrum Inc. was founded in 2013 by experienced academicians who are known nationally, internationally and successful entrepreneurs who have more than 30 years experiences in chemistry and cosmetics sectors. While conducting some R&D acitivities on Bursa region and surrounding flora in its high tech laboratories in Bursa, additionally it is operating  some researchs with respected universities of Turkey such as Atatürk University to develop new and high value-added actives for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical sectors. 

Sanitrum Biotechnology Inc. is devoted to explore and reveal the beauty and curing secrets which is hidden in the magnificent flora of Anatolia. We want to share all these secrets with you in our unique Syorell oganic skin care series.