Flora of Turkey is regionally analyzed by our specialist teams. Herbal sources that grow in natural conditions on the most fertile soils and/or sustained resources that are suitable for farming are determined. Our academicians perform literature search about these plants. Afterwards, the selected plants species are collected by educated teams in accordance with the seasonal conditions. After pre-cleaning procedures the collected plants are dried under appropriate conditions. After drying, the plants are ground and stored in appropriate conditions. 

Determined amount of the stored plants that will be included in the studies will be treated with all different solvent for determination of most effective solvent.  After quantification of obtained extracts studies on the solvent that arises the best substance concentration continues. In our application laboratory; plants are extracted by appropriate solvents in reflux and distillation assemblies under determined ideal conditions. The solutions obtained after extraction procedures are filtered and separated from the solvent with rotary evaporator and distillation set-up. Obtained concentrated plant extract is lyophilized for removal of residual water and solvent inside. Extracts are transferred to University laboratories for total ingredient and active ingredient analyses. All extract transfers performed under cold chain. Storage conditions are 0-4 ºC. also one replicate sample for each extracts stored and observed in appropriate devices for continuous control. Appropriate effective doses of the extracts, those targeted effects supported with analyze results, are determined by our pharmacologists. After this step our extracts are added in various formulations and turns in commercial forms and studies focuses on the end products and process steps are followed.